Software Engineer & Computer Vision Professional

This webpage is not updated anymore and only kept for “historical reasons”. Please visit my [new page] for an up-to date profile.


I am a Software Engineer, part of the Autonomous Driving team of ZMP Inc. in Tokyo, Japan. I mainly work with 3D vision tasks on point clouds acquired by various devices such as lidar (Velodyne, Ibeo) and our own custom stereo cameras. I work on localization, object detection and object tracking, currently setting my foot in the field of deep learning also.

Before that, I was a Software Engineer at the Cognex Corporation, I am member of the the Vision Products unit (Core Engineering team). I work on front-end development of computer vision software (Cognex VisionView, Cognex Designer) both on PC and embedded systems at the Budapest office of the Company. Currently, I work in C#, TypeScript, JavaScript and occasionally in C++.

Also, I am a master’s student at Georgia Tech, participating in the OMSCS program in partnership with Udacity. I am taking the Computational Perception & Robotics specialization and I plan to finish the program at the end of 2017.  I also regularly take online courses, I just finished Coursera’s Data Science Specialization signature track last spring.

Previously, I worked as a Research Intern at the Distributed Events Analysis Research Laboratory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Computer Science and Control. I mostly worked with urban 3D point clouds collected by a Lidar device, namely on the i4D project.

My topics of interest are:

    • Software engineering
    • Computer vision
    • 2D/3D image processing
    • Robotics and autonomous vehicles

I have experience in

    • Software Engineering and Development in various languages
    • Development on the Microsocft stack (Windows desktop & CE, Visual Studio, C#, TypeScript, XAML)
    • I’m also comfortable on Linux (I use Mint and Ubuntu)
    • C++ development, including 3rd party libs (Boost, CUDA, Qt, Point Clouds Library, OpenCV, CGAL, libSVM)
    • Various scripting languages (Matlab, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, R)
    • Web application development (HTML5, JavaScript), and a few JS frameworks (AngularJS, RequireJS, jQuery, node.js)
    • 3D point clouds and 2D image processing
    • SVM machine learning methods
    • Multispectal imagery

Some examples of my earlier work:


(updated: Fall 2016)